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Organic Sugaring

Sugaring is the process of removing unwanted body hair. It is  It is an all natural alternative to waxing, which offers more benefits than the waxing process. 

Sugar is made of three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon, water. These all natural ingredients allow for the sugaring process to be significantly less abrasive than wax, only exfoliating off dead skin. The temperature of the sugar never gets warmer than room temperature. NO MORE GETTING BURNED! 

Sugaring is very effective and efficient at removing hairs. Getting hairs at a shorter length than wax can. That is because the molecule in the sugar is small enough to penetrate in the hair follicle sticking to the hair closer to the root, at a deeper level in the skin. Allowing for a more secure removal of the hair without breaking. 

The sugaring technique is what is so unique. The application of the sugar goes opposite to the direction the hair growth and is removed in the direction. That eliminates hair breakage and ingrowns, which means your service will last longer and lead to permanency sooner than wax can. 

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