Yumi Lash Lift

Yumi Lash Lifts is the process of applying a solution to the lashes to curl/lift them. Yumi's formula has passed all EU regulatory tests (EU has some of the most strict standards of product testing). It is designed for incomparable as well as provides nourishment to lashes, which not offered with other lash lifting products. 

The process:

The lashes are adhered to a mold that is specially chosen for each clients. Then that lashes are meticulously isolated to insure nice straight lashed.  A solution is applied to the lashes; the lash hair then becomes flexible. A second solution is applied to lock in the shape. Then  last step is the application of a nutritious keratin serum to help re-hydrate the lashes. Last 6-8 weeks. Add a lash tint for enhanced results!