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Yumi Lash Lift

Are you looking for a way to elevate your lashes and make them look gorgeous? Yumi Lash Lifts from Sugar by Jennifer can help you achieve a natural and attractive look. This revolutionary lash-lifting process provides beautiful, curled lashes lasting up to 8 weeks. Plus, it's safe and has passed all EU regulatory tests.


The Process of Yumi Lash Lifts


Yumi Lash Lifts is a process that uses a specially formulated solution to curl/lift your lashes. The first step is adhering the lashes to a mold that is chosen specifically for each client. Then the lashes are carefully isolated to ensure straightness before the application of the solution. This solution makes the lash hair flexible so it can be molded into shape. A second solution is then applied to lock in the shape of your curled lashes. A nutritious keratin serum is applied to finish the lash-lift process and help rehydrate and nourish your newly lifted lashes. With proper care, these results can last up to 8 weeks! For best results, you can add a lash tint as well.

Yumi's formula is not only EU-approved but also meets the most rigorous product assessment standards. Additionally, its incomparable formulation delivers unmatched nourishment to lashes that cannot be found in any other lash-lifting products on the market!

Our clients are provided with customized molds tailored to their individual needs. We then carefully separate each lash, ensuring they all lie uniformly straight. After that, we apply a nourishing solution that makes the lashes more flexible and pliable before locking them in with an additional serum. To top it off - an optional lash tint is applied to add extra glamorous results! With proper care and maintenance, your new look can last up to 6-8 weeks!

By undergoing a Yumi Lash lift, you will be able to achieve the look of long and full lashes without the addition of false extensions!














Benefits of Yumi Lash Lifts


The Yumi Lash Lift formula has been tested extensively and passed all EU regulatory tests, which means it meets some of the strictest standards for product testing. Not only does it provide long-lasting curls/lifts without damaging or breaking your natural lashes, but its unique formula also provides nourishment directly to your lashes—a benefit not offered by other lash-lifting products on the market today!


The formula for Yumi Lash Lifts is designed to pull your lashes from the root without adding fake lashes. The addition of fake lash extensions can be irritating to the eye after a few weeks, as they start to degrade and deteriorate.


Yumi Lash Lifts from Sugar by Jennifer is the best option for your needs if you are looking for an easy way to make your eyes pop without sacrificing beauty or safety. This revolutionary process offers long-lasting curls/lifts with added nourishment for your natural eyelashes. Plus, it is backed by extensive testing and has even passed all EU regulatory tests – so you know that you are getting a safe and effective product. Try Yumi Lash Lifts today and experience beautiful curls/lifts that will last up to 8 weeks!

Yumi lash lift
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