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Brow Tinting / Color Enhancement

Eyebrow tinting aka colors enhancement is the application of a smoothing dye on the eyebrows to darken and enhance eyebrow color. This service will give the appearance of a more vibrant color eyebrow making them look fuller and/or darker. Jennifer can Customize each color to achieve the clients preferred look. Whether you are looking for a warm natural brown, or a cool blonde Jennifer can make it happen with the wide range of colors she has. No more one color fits all! The color will last about 1 month on the brow hairs and if there is a stain on the skin it will only last about 1 week for most. Not everybody brows will stain. 

She also offers lash tints aka lash color enhancement, which is the application of colors on the lashes from root to tip. Giving a beautiful deep and shiny black color. No need for mascara! Other colors are available. For men Brown is used unless asked otherwise. Great service for men with blonde lashes

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