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Brow Tinting / Color Enhancement

Brow tinting is an excellent solution for folks with thin brows. If you believe you must fill your brows before showing your face in public, brow tinting may be a way to add some time back into your day. This process is an easy, painless way to get fuller brows without any long-term commitment or damage to your skin.


What is Eyebrow or Brow Tinting?

Brow tinting is the process of applying a soothing, semi-permanent color to enhance,

shape, and define your brows. With brow tinting, you can choose from various colors

to find the perfect shade for your brows.


This service will give the appearance of a more vibrant colored eyebrow, making

them appear fuller and darker. When you work with Jennifer, you receive her attention

to improve the appearance of your brows. Jennifer customizes each color to achieve

the client's preferred look. Whether you are looking for a warm natural brown or a

cool blonde, she makes it happen with the wide range of colors she has at her disposal. Clients don't have to experience a "one color fits all" attitude! 


How Long Does Tinting Last?

The brow tinting dye will last about one month on the brow hairs. If you experience stains on the skin after a brow tinting session, it will only last a few days for most clients. Not everybody will experience staining of the skin. 

Jennifer also offers lash tints (aka lash color enhancement), which is the application of colors on the lashes from root to tip. This type of tinting service gives a beautiful deep and shiny black color. No need for mascara! Jennifer offers other colors for her lash tints. Men tend to appreciate a shade of brown, so it is most often applied unless Jennifer is asked otherwise prior to treatment. Lash and brow tinting is excellent for men with blonde lashes and brows. 


How Long Does a Session Take?

An average brow tinting session takes only about 15 minutes from start to finish. First, clients meet with Jennifer to discuss how full and natural they desire their brows to appear. Then, Jennifer will clean and prep the brows and apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the client's brows. This is an attempt to prevent any unwanted and accidental skin staining. 


Jennifer carefully mixes the custom color and applies the dye to the eyebrows. The process will go with and against the growth pattern of the hairs to obtain full brow coverage. The coloring remains on the brow hairs for a few minutes to attain optimal color. She removes excess dye with a towel to prevent smears.


Who Can Benefit From Brow Tinting?

Brow tinting benefits individuals with skin types, skin tones, and hair colors.

The process may be a little more complicated if clients have or desire gray or

white eyebrows. Working with an experienced professional will obtain the

desired results without issue. 


Grey hair in the brows is more resistant and tends to be stubborn, just like

gray or white hair on the head, so Jennifer may need to alter the brow tinting

process to get the best results. Communication is critical with any beauty

procedure, and Jennifer can deliver precisely what a client wants.


Show off Beautiful Brows Immediately

Eyebrow tinting has become a popular beauty service due to immediate results. With no long-term commitment, clients turn to brow tinting for natural results with minimal risk. If you're looking for darker eyebrows without going through any permanent procedures, consider scheduling a brow tinting session with Jennifer


With this procedure, you can achieve natural-looking results that will last approximately a month—allowing you plenty of time for your upcoming social events and activities! 

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Eyebrow tinting offers all the benefits of having darker and natural eyebrows without any drawbacks associated with invasive microblading or tattooing procedures. It provides a gentle and effective way to reshape and tint eyebrows without lengthy or painful procedures. So if you want to change your brow's appearance, Sugar by Jennifer is here to help. Contact Jennifer today for more information about brow tinting and how it can help give you the darker and more natural-appearing eyebrows of your dreams!

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