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How to Care for Your Lash Lift

Do you want long, thick lashes that will make your eyes pop? Yumi Lash Lifts™️ at Sugar by Jennifer are the perfect solution! You can achieve dramatic results that last four to eight weeks. And, the more you care for your lashes, the longer they will last. That's important. You don't want to run to your lash lift professional to have them fixed all the time. You not only want your lashes to stand out, but you also want them to have the same look as when you first got them for a long time.

Use the following tips before and after your appointment to get long-lasting lashes. You will also learn how your Yumi Lash Lifts™ expert puts on your lashes.

Before Your Lash Lift Appointment

Before your appointment, remove all makeup and cleanse your lashes thoroughly. Cleaning your lashes will help them adhere to your skin and create a stronger bond. Yumi Lash Lifts work best on clean, makeup-free lashes.

And, you must avoid using oil. Oil can break down the adhesives used in Yumi Lash Lifts™️ , which can cause your lashes to fall off prematurely. If you use oil-based products around your eyes, make sure to remove them altogether before your appointment.

If you have concerns, speak with your lash lift technician before your appointment.

During Your Lash Lift Appointment

During your appointment, the technician will apply a Yumi Lash Lift solution to your lashes. Keeping the solution on for the recommended time is crucial, so your lashes can be appropriately set. After removing the solution, your lashes will be rinsed and dried.

Post-Lash Lift Care

Once your lash lift is complete, you must take care of your lashes. Not taking care of them can result in damaged lashes.

  • Avoid getting them wet. You should not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after application. This includes showering, washing your face, and swimming.

  • Allow the solution to set. After your Yumi Lash Lifts™️, avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 12 hours. This will give the solution time to set.

  • Avoid using oil. To prolong the life of your Yumi Lash Lifts™️, avoid using oil-based makeup removers or cleansers around your eyes. Oil can break down the solution and cause your Yumi Lash Lifts™️ not to last as long.

  • Brush your lashes. Be sure to brush your lashes daily with a clean mascara wand to keep them looking full and fluffy.

  • Use care. Be gentle with your lashes. Avoid rubbing or picking at them.

And there you have it! Your lash lift will last long and be beautiful and intriguing for a long time. Follow these simple steps, and you'll indeed have long, thick, and voluminous lashes that will make your friends run out and get their own.

Questions? Contact us today to learn more about Yumi Lash Lifts™️ or to schedule an appointment.

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